COVID-19 Resources for Families: Screening

Newborn hearing screening is important to make sure that all babies born with hearing loss are identified and receive access to early intervention services in a timely manner. When hearing loss is identified at birth and children receive access to early intervention services, these children are more likely to achieve language, cognitive, and social developmental skills are par with typically hearing peers.

Why is it important that my baby complete their newborn hearing screen even during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Even if your baby is responding to sound at home, there is a chance your baby may have a hearing loss. Newborn hearing screening is important to make sure babies and children with hearing loss are identified so they can receive early access to services.

Research shows that babies and children who are early identified with hearing loss and receive early access to services are more likely to develop language, cognitive, and social skills similar to typically hearing peers. The Colorado Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (CO EHDI) program works to ensure that all babies in the state of Colorado receive a hearing screening and receive access to early diagnosis and intervention services, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. 



How do I know whether it is safe to bring my children in for a screening, re-screening, or diagnostic hearing evaluation during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Birthing facilities and hospitals have infection control guidelines and protocols in place to keep you, your family, and health professionals safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents can reach out to each facility to ask about specific policies designed to keep you and your family safe during health visits.

I chose to have my baby at home due to the pandemic. How can I ensure that my baby receives a hearing screening?

Midwives in Colorado are required to either conduct hearing screenings or to provide information to parents on where they can obtain an infant hearing screening. You should reach out to your midwife or birthing facility to ask for more information about their hearing screening procedures or to obtain a list of places where you can have your baby’s hearing screened.