Task Force Documents

Task forces have been launched one by one. Some meet regularly and others meet as needed. All task force documents are publicly available. See below for agendas or minutes from each of our task force’s meetings.


Meeting DateMeeting Documents
May 28, 2020Minutes
June 23, 2020Minutes
September 25, 2020Minutes
December 28, 2020Minutes
January 25, 2021Minutes

Screening Task Force

Meeting DateMeeting Documents
August 13, 2020Minutes
August 27, 2020Minutes
October 29, 2020Minutes
December 8, 2020Minutes
January 12, 2021Minutes
February 9, 2021Minutes

Families of DHH Children

Meeting DateMeeting Documents
July 15, 2020Minutes
September 11, 2020Agenda
October 9, 2020 Agenda
November 13, 2020Agenda
December 4, 2020Agenda
February 5, 2021Agenda

DHH Adults

Meeting DateMeeting Documents
July 16, 2020Minutes
September 14, 2020Agenda
October 12, 2020Agenda
November 9, 2020Agenda
January 11, 2021Agenda
February 8, 2021Agenda

Diagnosis/Identification (DX/ID) and Transition to Intervention

Meeting DateMeeting Documents
November 10, 2020Minutes
December 3, 2020Minutes
January 7, 2021Minutes
February 4, 2021Minutes

Early Intervention

Meeting DateMeeting Documents
February 16, 2021Minutes