DHH Adults Task Force

This month, we recognize the DHH Adults Task Force. They are the third task force formed by the COEHDI Alliance due to the integral role that DHH adults play in any EHDI system.

The Alliance Representatives are Sarah Honigfeld and Sara Robinson.

Its members include:

  • Rachel Benedict
  • Sloan Blanton
  • Caty Carrico
  • Stephanie Carson
  • Lauren Charles
  • Sara Frederickson
  • Alexa Garfinkel
  • Megan Hedman
  • Stephanie Herring
  • Sarah Honigfeld
  • Claudia Hopkins
  • Spencer Kontnik
  • Cathy Noble-Hornsby
  • Rosane Volchan O’Conor
  • Sara Robinson
  • Aaron Rose
  • Carmela Roybal
  • Lauren Sandal
  • Megan Thomas

Activities undertaken by the DHH Adult Task Force to date have included:

  • Working to develop an Adult-to-Family support program