Families: DX/ID

What does a pediatric audiologist do?

Much like audiologists for adults, pediatric audiologists who work specifically with children (newborns, toddlers, children, and teenagers).

  • They perform hearing tests and evaluations
  • They explain the results of such tests to families and children (depending on age)
  • They make recommendations about the best hearing devices for your child
  • They do hearing aid fittings and make adjustments as needed
  • They make ear molds as needed
  • They connect you with services such as early intervention (Part C) services, family-to-family support, rehabilitative services, speech therapy, etc.

Why might I need a pediatric audiologist?

  • Maybe your newborn was referred for further testing after their initial screen in the hospital?
  • Maybe you moved and need to locate a new audiologist for your deaf or hard of hearing child?
  • Maybe you have concerns about your child’s hearing levels?
  • Maybe a professional referred your child for a hearing test?
  • Maybe you need to get your child evaluated for a cochlear implant or new hearing aids?
  • Maybe your child needs new earmolds?
  • Maybe your child’s hearing device needs adjusting?

Where do I find a pediatric audiologist?

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Pediatric Audiology Links to Services or EHDI-PALS is a great resource to locate your nearest pediatric audiologist!

To use this tool, simply enter your child’s date of birth, the type of services you are seeking, and your address. Results will show your closest pediatric audiologist. Be sure to schedule an appointment ASAP to follow up on your screening results!