Families of DHH Children Task Force

Due to the emphasis of families in our COEHDI system, it is only natural that this task force is the second one formed.

The Alliance Representatives are Emily Augsburger and Geoff Goodside.

Its members include:

  • Emily Augsburger
  • Cathy Cortese
  • Stacey Geisel
  • Amber Goldstedt
  • Brittany Goodside
  • Geoff Goodside
  • Jill Jacobs
  • Sara Kennedy
  • Brittany Loeser
  • Pia Marie Paulone
  • Al Pierce
  • Fawn Pierce
  • Mah-rya Proper

Activities undertaken by the Families of DHH Children Task Force to date have included:

  • Working diligently to orient themselves to the structures and components of the Colorado EHDI system
  • Provision of invaluable feedback and guidance regarding the creation of the COEHDI Deaf/Hard of Hearing Adult-to-Family support program