Families: Transition to DX/ID

My screening results shows a “fail” or a “refer with explanation” – now what?

The next step is to get further testing completed with a pediatric audiologist. Be sure to do this as soon as possible in order to identify any potential hearing issues.

Where do I find a pediatric audiologist for follow up testing?

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Pediatric Audiology Links to Services or EHDI-PALS is a great resource to locate your nearest pediatric audiologist!

To use this tool, simply enter your child’s date of birth, the type of services you are seeking, and your address. Results will show your closest pediatric audiologist. Be sure to schedule an appointment ASAP to follow up on your screening results!


Why is it urgent to get follow-up testing completed right away?

The longer a baby’s hearing loss remains undetected, the more likely they may experience language or communication delays. The earlier your child is identified/diagnosed with a hearing loss, the sooner system supports can be established to support your family on the unique journey of raising a deaf or hard of hearing child.

Does a referral to further testing/failed screen mean my baby is deaf or hard of hearing for sure?

Not always. There are various reasons why a baby may not pass their initial hearing screen. Sometimes follow-up testing shows typical hearing levels. At other times, it may show that your child has a hearing loss.