Intervention Task Force

This task force is our sixth and final task force. It focuses on the intervention phase of the EHDI system.

The Alliance Representative is TBD.

Task Force members include:

  • Emily Augsburger
  • Marti Bleidt
  • Lisa Cannon
  • Stephanie Carson
  • Michelle Coates
  • Cathy Cortese
  • Kelly Doolittle
  • Kristin Gardzelewski
  • Brittany Goodside
  • Pat Greenway
  • Sarah Honigfeld
  • Beth Little
  • Brittany Loeser
  • Shauna Moden
  • Dani Noog
  • Jennifer Schryer
  • Christy Scott
  • Allison Sedey
  • Emily Walsh
  • Lynn Wismann

Activities undertaken by the Intervention Task Force to date have included:

  • Stay tuned as the task force begins their work in January 2021!