Katie Cue, Ed.D.


Outreach and Consultative Services Manager, Deaf Specialist

Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind

Role with COEHDI

  • Grant Writer
  • Communications
  • Webmaster

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About Katie

Katie is a product of Colorado (born and raised) as well as some of the earliest days of the EHDI system in the state. After Katie was identified as being deaf, her parents actually received services from the earlier iteration of the Colorado Home Intervention Program (CHIP) beginning in early 1982 from none other than Dr. Arlene Stredler Brown! Katie also ended up working for CHIP for a few years as an ASL Facilitator while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder for an undergraduate degree in English Literature. Working for the COEHDI feels like a full circle in many ways for Katie!

Upon graduation from CU Boulder, she attended the Rochester Institute of Technology for a master’s degree in Secondary Deaf Education. Following graduation, Katie taught in various deaf education settings (mainstream and Deaf schools) in Fairfax, VA, San Francisco, CA, and Denver, CO. She has also worked for several different non-profit organizations as well as established two different businesses. In the midst of that, she successfully completed a doctorate degree in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education from Lamar University earlier this year.

Katie is still recovering from her doctorate degree and rediscovering what it means to have free time! However, she mainly enjoys hanging out with family (especially her nieces and nephews), friends, and her two pups. You might also find her engrossed in a good novel or TV series, seeking out her next adventure via a road trip, or discovering avenues to experience whatever she is utterly passionate about at the time.