Nadelle Payne

Nadelle Payne has worked with families for over 25 years. She started in college working with deaf babies and their families. Nadelle teaches sign language to all ages at the K-12 level, secondary level, and as a private instructor. Nadelle has taught people from birth to 89 with great success. Nadelle is also a certified teacher for the Deaf and also has credentials to teach English.

Her passion includes the outdoors, traveling, swing dancing, swimming, writing, reading, and drinking coffee. Nadelle likes to share and edit stories. She also teaches sign language through reading at the local library’s storytime sessions. Nadelle is a published author, and has published many of her poems. She is working towards her first published book. Nadelle also works with adults who have intellectual disabilities to develop their writing skills.

To give back to the community, Nadelle spends many weekends restoring Colorado’s trails for volunteers of outdoor Colorado. Nadelle also has 8 years of experience with EDHI through the shared reading program. Nadelle was born hearing, and became deaf at age 2 from spinal meningitis. She is able to communicate effectively in many different ways, including using speech and English sign language. She loves children and looks forward to sharing her experiences with you!