Screening Task Force

This month, we recognize the Screening Task Force, which is our fourth task force formed. Screening is the first point of entry for many families into the EHDI system and it plays an integral role to all subsequent EHDI efforts.

The Alliance Representative is Kristin Sommerfeldt.

Its members include:

  • Becky Awad
  • Kalie Buchman
  • Lisa Cannon
  • Steve Cass
  • Stacy Claycomb
  • Maureen Cunningham
  • Trudy Fredrics
  • Sandy Gabbard
  • Andrea Gatlin
  • Jillian Gerstenberger
  • Hannah Glick
  • Sam Gubbels
  • Angela Harder
  • Linda Herzberger-Kimball
  • Wendy Jumonville
  • Sara Kennedy
  • Kelly Miller
  • Megan Nix
  • Ramona Pearce
  • Mah-rya Proper
  • Cory Portnuff
  • Margaret Ruttenber
  • Jennifer Schryer
  • Lisa Shigio
  • Dee Shuler-Woodard
  • Stacey Snow
  • Kristin Sommerfeldt
  • Christy Taylor
  • Sarah Wedekin

Activities undertaken by the Screening Task Force to date have included:

  • Identifying strengths and needs of newborn hearing screeners statewide with plans to address these needs
  • Determining that many screeners need access to resources and technical assistance
  • Designating a point of contact for hearing screeners statewide (Hannah Glick)
  • Sharing information about COVID accommodations
  • Prioritizing a focus on midwives (identifying who they are, who is screening, who is not screening, and what COEHDI can do to support them)