Screening Data

Screening is important because the earlier we can identify a baby as being deaf or hard of hearing, the sooner we can provide support to the child and their families to facilitate  language and learning outcomes and ensure the child meets their developmental milestones. The goal is to have all babies screened prior to 1 month of age.

All of Colorado’s birth facilities report screening results to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) using the required electronic birth certificate. CDPHE only tracks babies born in Colorado. Here is where it gets tricky:

  • Not all babies are born in Colorado hospitals (some are born at home)
  • For those babies born at home, not all midwives have hearing screening equipment
  • Some babies are born on federal military bases and not counted under Colorado’s statistics
  • Some babies are born out of state and move to Colorado. They are only counted when data is entered by a screener or a clinical audiologist
  • If an infant has a failed screen, CDPHE will send only one letter to the parent(s) informing them of the failed screen
  • Neither CDPHE, nor any other entity, consistently contacts  families regarding failed screens to ensure further audiological evaluations are conducted
  • HIPAA rules prevent access to and sharing of information without explicit consent

Colorado Hearing Screening Data

2019 NumberPercent
Total Occurrent Births (according to Vital Records)62,881
Total Documented as Screened59,76695%
Total Passed (most recent/final screen)57,94597%
Passed: Before 1 Month of Age57,08698.6%
Total Not Passed (most recent/final screen)18213%
Total Documented as Not Screened31155%
Data obtained from HIDS/CDPHE